The Fuss About Google+ (Plus)

25 07 2011
By Sheldon Levine

Just over two weeks ago the world found out just exactly what Google’s secret social media project is with the debut of Google+. Some have said it’s the Facebook killer, some said it will replace Twitter, a bunch of others can’t figure out what to make of it or how exactly to use it and even more are still waiting for their chance to get invited into it. One thing’s for sure though, people are talking about Google+.

For today’s post I thought it would be interesting to look at just how much talk is going on and what is being said about Google+ using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics platform. In 15 days since Google+’s world debut on June 28th we found almost 107,000 blog posts, 30,000 online news articles, 153,000 forum posts and 1.9 million tweets about the new social network.

That’s quite impressive numbers seeing as there was absolutely no talk of Google+ by name before June 28th. As you can see from our popularity chart below there was a huge spike the day and day after the announcement. Talk then dropped off for a few days, but seemed to pick up again as more people were able to be invited and gain access to the service.

More interesting are the words I found being associated with Google+ as people talk about it through social channels. Right in the center of our buzzgraph two main topics seem to jump out. The first is obvious as it’s about some of the features of Google+ like “hangout,” “circles” and  even “invite” as people seem to be dying to get invited for their chance to try the new social network out. The second topic I really notice is the comparisons being made between Google+ and other already established social networks like “Facebook” and “Twitter.”

While some people are completely in love with Google+ and others are trying to understand how to really make use of the network, a look at our overall sentiment shows that most things being said across all mediums are still of a positive nature. With only 15% of all talk being negative we can give Google+ at 85% favourable rating.

If you’re one of those people deep entrenched in the world of social media it may seem like Google+ is all anyone can talk about these days. However, I decided to compare talk of Google+ along side the two other social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, and found that Google+ isn’t being talked about nearly as much as either of them. In fact, Facebook is being mentioned over twice as much as Google+ and Twitter is being mentioned almost three times as much.

While it may seem to some that Google+ is all that’s being talked about in social media right now, it’s actually far from the truth. Perhaps it may pick up more as brands and more people are allowed to enter the network though.




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