Moschino employs new branded channels to promote mobile efforts

22 07 2011
Moschino's mobile site

Moschino’s mobile site

Italian designer Moschino is continuing its goal to reach the current on-the-go consumer with a newly-released mobile site that the brand is pushing through its recently-created Twitter account.

The Moschino mobile site allows consumers to browse runway looks and watch videos, as well as share their branded activities with friends via social media. The brand only recently joined the Twitter fashion scene this past June and is using the medium as one of the primary ways to share the news.

“It has become an absolute expectation for consumers, especially luxury brand shoppers, that the brands they engage with via a smartphone have a mobile-optimized site and a rich app,” said Dan Lowden, vice president of marketing for Digby, Austin, TX.

“Luxury consumers want to have rich and engaging experiences across all channels of a luxury brand so the mobile site has to fulfill that same brand experience,” he said.

Mr. Lowden is not affiliated with Moschino, but agreed to comment as a third-party expert.

Uniform growth
The Moschino mobile site contains many of the same features as its Flash, full-screen Web site.

The new site is optimized for the iPad and iPhone, as well as most other smartphones.

Consumers can flip through the Fall/Winter collections of the Moschino, Moschino Cheap and Chic and Moschino Love advertising campaigns.

Shoppers can go further into the collections by watching the runway shows or flipping through the fashion show images on their mobile devices.

Images from Moschino's Fall 2011 campaign on the mobile site

Images from Moschino’s Fall 2011 campaign on the mobile site

Accessories from each collection provide another image lookbook for mobile users.

Moschino also offers branded content on its mobile site under the “What’s New” section.

There, brand enthusiasts can read editorials, view various Moschino window displays, glance through previous fashion show invitations and see the new interactive projects that Moschino is hosting.

Moschino’s new projects include Moschino pets, bow-how shoes and homeware, which users can flip through on the mobile site.

On the top of every image are options to share via Facebook, Twitter and email.

In addition, the homepage of the mobile site also features a contact section with tabs for Facebook, Twitter, newsletter subscription and an email contact.

Moschino's email blast alerted newsletter subscribers

Moschino’s email blast

More shine
Moschino created the site after it realized that the mobile market is growing at an exponential rate, and this brings everyone to focus on the Moschino Web brand awareness development, per Moschino.

The brand sent out an email to its newsletter subscribers informing them of the new Web site and allowing them to click-through if they had read the email on a mobile device.

Tweets and Retweets about mobile for Moschino

Tweets and Retweets about mobile for Moschino

The mobile site is a smart move for the brand as it continues to update its offerings to target tech-savvy consumers. The new mobile site is most likely going to increase sales for the brand, per Digby’s Mr. Lowden.

“The greater engagement with customers through a mobile-optimized experience or rich app can drive sales, customer loyalty and unearth deep analytics about consumer buying preferences so the luxury brand can serve customers better,” he said.

However, Moschino should consider adding a few features, such as a search bar to help them navigate quickly to fully optimize the brand’s mobile potential, per Mr. Lowden.

“It is a beautiful site, but incorporating a mobile-optimized commerce aspect to the mobile site would make it easy for luxury customers to purchase directly from their smartphone,” Mr. Lowden said.

“Including a store finder would also help them find the closest store, driving in-store purchases,” he said.




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